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The God Kind of Love (Day 9) Love never fails

Welcome to Day 9 of the God Kind of Love Blog Series.

This series is inspired by the characteristics of Love mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a.

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The focus of todays blog is Love never fails in 1 Corinthians 13:8.

In this blog post, I will also be referring to love never fails as unfailing love, successful love or success in love.

When it comes to achieving success in our loving relationships, it is essential to keep making a heartfelt efforts in all you do. Successful love comes from going above and beyond and considering the needs of others. Our words and deeds can often make or break the foundation of our bond. Therefore, we ought to show understanding, listen to one another, and be there for each other in good and bad times is an essential component of successful love.

When it comes to our own lives, the Bible encourages us to practice unfailing love for one another. We must always be patient, kind, and humble, without demanding any kind of recognition or reward in return. The Bible also urges us to forgive and be compassionate even when we are hurt or wronged, as God's unconditional love is one that gives freely, expecting nothing in return.

It’s comforting to know that love never fails and can last forever, no matter what challenges may come our way. God shows his unfailing love towards us daily by waking us up daily. Therefore, we should Praise God for never failing in His love towards us.

A great example of praising God for His unfailing love is found in Psalm 136.

1 Praise the Lord! He is good.    God's love never fails.Praise the God of all gods.    God's love never fails.Praise the Lord of lords.    God's love never fails.Only God works great miracles.  God's love never fails.With wisdom he made the sky.    God's love never fails.The Lord stretched the earthover the ocean.    God's love never fails.He made the bright lightsin the sky.    God's love never fails.He lets the sun rule each day.    God's love never fails.He lets the moon and the starsrule each night.    God's love never fails.10 God struck down the first-bornin every Egyptian family.    God's love never fails.11 He rescued Israel from Egypt.    God's love never fails.12 God used his great strengthand his powerful arm.    God's love never fails.13 He split the Red Sea apart.    God's love never fails.14 The Lord brought Israel safelythrough the sea.    God's love never fails.15 He destroyed the Egyptian kingand his army there.    God's love never fails.16 The Lord led his peoplethrough the desert.    God's love never fails.17 Our God defeated mighty kings.    God's love never fails.18 And he killed famous kings.    God's love never fails.19 One of them was Sihon,king of the Amorites.    God's love never fails.20 Another was King Og of Bashan.    God's love never fails.21 God took away their land.    God's love never fails.22 He gave their land to Israel,the people who serve him.    God's love never fails.23 God saw the trouble we were in.    God's love never fails.24 He rescued us from our enemies.    God's love never fails.25 He gives food to all who live.    God's love never fails.26 Praise God in heaven!    God's love never fails.

In spite of how bad a situation may get, Gods unfailing love will always be there for us. We may find ourselves going through moments of struggle or darkness, but we know that in the end, love will always find a way. Whether we’re talking about romantic relationships, friendships, or family, love never fails and will always remain a part of our lives.

No matter how different people’s beliefs and experiences may be, love is something that binds us all together. As the bible verse suggests, “Love never fails.” Let’s continue to remember this powerful message and remind each other that we can find the strength to make it through any situation by staying rooted in the power of love..

Much love

Sylvia xox

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