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Hey Mama, its time to focus on you!

Happy at Home

Did you know that being mum is equivalent to 2.5 full time jobs? This is before any other roles such as a job are added to the equation. 


This is having a significant impact on our mental health as mamas. 


This is the reason why I am passionate about helping mamas just like you manage their mental health.   


My name is Sylvia. 


I am a fellow mama of 2 girls and Christian Mental Health Mentor for Mamas. I am on a mission to help Christian mamas to manage motherhood, take care of their mental health and work on their mindset in order to achieve their personal goals/passions so that they can pursue their purpose.

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  • Are you struggling with the juggle of motherhood ?

  • Do you feeling overwhelmed by your roles and responsibilities? 


  • Have you experienced repeated episodes of stress/burnout ?

  • Are you struggling to manage your time?

  •  Do you have problems with managing your home?

  • Are you having trouble with a consistent sleep pattern/routine? 

Image by Alexandra Gorn
Image by Jason Leung

  • Are you struggling to manage your time?

  •  Do you have problems with managing your home?

I present the...

21 Day Wellness Workshop

Workshop outline

  • Live implementation workshop set over 21 days.

  • Dates 1st August to 21st August 2023.


Topics include:

  • Self-care strategies

  • Stress management

  • Sleep management

  • Identifying your values/strengths

  • Time management techniques

  • Managing your home environment

What you get

  • Daily activities for 21 days focused on you and your needs (valued at £199) 

  • Access to private group with fellow mums for accountability and support for 21 days (valued at £99)

  • Personalised activity wellness action plan

Valued at £342 including bonuses.

Today, you pay £19.

Price will increase for future workshops. 

By the end of the 21 day wellness workshop you will…


Create a personalised self care and hobbies/leisure activities plan

Learn your core values to help you to identify the type of activities you want to engage in

Have strategies to take care of yourself as a mum

Discover your strengths as a woman

Gain time management tips for mothers

Have the tools to take care of your mental health and emotions as a mum

  • Activities, affirmations and time management bundle (valued at £19)

  • How are you, mama ebook written by myself and published on Amazon (valued at £5)

  • Sleep wellness bundle including sleep planner and non medical sleep solutions (valued at £19)

  • 1 live workshop to ask questions live and get coaching(valued at £99)



Gifty LD

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the sessions. It's been so useful to just pause and reflect on my day to day activities and find ways to make time for myself. As a mum of three, it has been possible to make small changes that have made a massive positive impact on my wellbeing. 

Lucia O.

Hi, my name is Lucia and I am a single mum of two children, one of them is one the autistic spectrum; I also work part time and I am also starting my own business this year.  

Life as a mother and especially as a single mum can be hard, exhausting, and overwhelming.  

Sylvia has really helped me to see and understand that I must take time to recharge and do things that make me happy outside of being a mum. During our sessions we work through a timesheet to help me manage my time so I can then find the time I need for self-care and to do those things that I love and was neglecting to do. You can tell that she is full of passion and genuinely cares about mothers’ wellbeing.

Lesley S. 

Just want to say a massive thank you for taking time to help me realise that making time for me and looking after me is very important. 
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