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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

My name is Sylvia, I am a Christian woman, Mama of 2 girls, and an Occupational Therapist by profession for over 10 years. Occupational Therapy (OT) is an allied health profession which looks at helping people to be independent using education, activities, independent living equipment and /or adaptations. OT's work with people from 0 to 100 years old in a variety of settings such as hospital, schools and people's own homes.

I love to advocate for Maternal Wellness/Mental Health because of my experiences. I am also an author and podcaster as the host of the Mother Wellness Podcast.

I recently achieved one of my lifelong dreams to become an author. I released my first book How are you, Mama- Managing Motherhood, Maintaining your mental health and finding the drive to fulfil your passions during Maternal Mental Health Week in May 2022.

I love writing, singing, baking and sewing as my favourite hobbies. I enjoy writing as a way to express my emotions and share my experiences. I have also been a member of various choirs for the past 13 years, singing allows me to be fully self-expressed and creative.

I have experienced different seasons in my life when I stopped doing the activities and hobbies which I had previously enjoyed and did not pursue my goals. I would say the main reason for this was a decline in my mental health. In this modern day, talking about mental health/illness is still seen as taboo. I am passionate about breaking the stigma of mental health. As an OT, I recognise the importance of participating in meaningful everyday activities and the positive impact this can have on your mental health.

This has inspired me to write this blog to share my experiences and the tools I have used to work on my own mental health. In this blog, I will share about motherhood, mental health and personal growth.

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